Since Spring 2009, I have been guiding Bay Area youth and their families through the complicated transition from high school to adulthood. As a result of this work, I’ve recognized the need for more high quality college admission and career planning services and products, not only for young people, but for busy professionals as well. Critical Thinkers Consulting (CTC) reflects my desire to share what I’ve learned about guiding young people through critical life transitions over the years.

Kyle Hill, @founderctc

The name is inspired by a Little Brown Handbook that I purchased my first semester of college. In this Little Brown Handbook, there is a really useful chapter that breaks down critical thinking into clear, actionable processes. Unfortunately, this chapter eluded me the entirety of my undergraduate career; however, it eventually emerged when I revisited my Handbook in preparation to teach college composition for the first time a couple of years back – I’ve been excited about critical thinking ever since.

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