Kyle Hill, @founderctc

Growing into an understanding of what it means to be a Black American, specifically a Black man, has been a surreal experience (to say the very least). In particular, it has been most intimidating seeing the proof that if you’re not white and trying to access college or certain professions, the odds are stacked.

After more than a decade of working on eradicating opportunity gaps for San Francisco Bay Area students and reflecting on my own experiences transitioning through college and career, I recognized the need for more critical conversations about access that recognize the legacy and current impacts of systemic bias and discrimination on one’s ability to realize their American Dream.

Ergo Critical Thinkers Consulting (CTC) was born. The name is inspired by a Little Brown Handbook that I was assigned in First-Year Composition my first semester of college. Inside, there is a really useful chapter that breaks down critical thinking into an easy-to-use framework. Of course, I did fully discover this until I had to design my own critical reading and writing curriculum years later; however, I have been obsessed with demystifying the critical thinking process and showing my students how to apply critical thinking skills to college and career writing tasks.

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