Why CTC?

@founderctc facilitating a full-day training at 100% College Prep

“Kyle is VERY knowledgeable in all things college! I have had the privilege of knowing him for over eight years. The first time I met Kyle was in his role as a college career advisor at a public high school in San Francisco. He had a great rapport with the students…very personable and patient. I later hired Kyle as a consultant for my nonprofit organization 100% College Prep, where he created and facilitated a workshop on how to write a winning personal statement. Kyle’s professional manner and willingness to work with students where they are is his winning formula!”

~ Diane Gray, Executive Director of 100% College Prep

“Kyle is a gifted educator and trainer, able to motivate youth and break down complex concepts for staff. While at Seven Tepees, Kyle served as a member of our staff development team where he created multiple trainings for seasoned and early career staff. Among his strengths as a trainer and facilitator is his ability to combine hands-on job experience with academic theory in a way that was both easy to comprehend and immediately applicable.”

~ Teresa Arriaga, Executive Director of Seven Tepees Youth Program

“…I attended International Studies Academy, better know as ISA where I met Kyle Hill. Kyle and I became extremely close my senior year, as he helped me decide through top college choices in the College & Career Center at ISA. As a first generation [college student], Kyle made the process of going to college a bit easier for me when dealing with applying on the common application, applying for FAFSA and additional information regarding college. My most fondest memories with Kyle Hill, is when he set up an interview with the recruitment [representative] from Fisk University and I was [admitted] on the spot. I will never forget how much Kyle believed in me and how he allowed me to get to this point where I will be the first in my family to graduate from college…”

~ Damonta Mcfarland, Former Student

“Kyle worked as a counselor at my high school’s college planning center. He helped me navigate numerous application requirements and worked with me to identify what I wanted from my prospective schools. He’s super friendly and his positive spirit is really useful when approaching the intimidating world of online applications. I always enjoyed hanging out in the office during lunch, but my favorite memory is bringing my first admissions letter to him. He got me super excited about what I had thought was a small accomplishment. I could always count on him to guide me through roadblocks and celebrate every admissions letter.”

~ Isa Musni, Former Student

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