Thought #11: I’m Not Perfect, but I Got Grit!

For Thought #11, I was planning on posting a few tips on how to tackle big and challenging projects – clearly, this isn’t that post.

After hours crafting the perfect introduction and writing most of the content, I touched the wrong options in my phone last night and lost all the awesome content I spent so much time developing – basically what I’m trying to say is: The dog ate my homework!

Despite technological difficulties, I still wanted to post on schedule for Thought #11. Instead of trying to recreate my lost Thought, I want to thank all my subscribers and others who read Thoughts regularly and keep up with the development of Critical Thinkers Consulting.

It’s been 7 months since publishing my first Thought (see Thought #1: Conquer The Fear of Completion), and I’m still surprised and humbled that folks actually care to read what I have to say…plus are patient with my learning curve as I’m figuring out how to build and maintain a blog and website on WordPress.

Thinking of the road from zero to Thought #11, I realize that I’ve only made it this far by accepting that I’m not perfect and mistakes – you’ve probably noticed frequent tweaks and changes take place on my website if you’ve been paying attention the past year  – are opportunities for growth and development.

While I’d love to be the portrait of perfection, I’m not; however, what I do have is grit (see “5 Characteristics of Grit“). Carving out a niche for myself in business and finding my voice as a blogger has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding undertakings of my career so far, and I’m excited to continue growing and developing with each new Thought published, client secured, or opportunity presented to me.

Continue to join me on this journey as I critically think through the experience of transitioning from youth to adulthood and offer solutions to some of its most pressing problems – all you have to do is subscribe on my website. Also, I live off feedback so share your thoughts and let me know what you find interesting or challenging aboutThoughts and how I can make Critical Thinkers Consulting great.